Fluorescent Ring Light Shoot

Hi guys..

I recently got a new ring light that I am absolutely loving.. the quality of light is just amazing. I thought I would probably just use it for model shoots, but I find myself using it to create a cool look for seniors as well.  Everyone is loving their images.

Anyway, I videoed a recent session I did with this cool little light.  Let me know what you think. Also, if you have  shot with one of these let me know and how you are using it.

Here’s a link to the ring light used in this video: http://www.desktopdarkroom.com/ringlight

Here are a couple of the images from this shoot.

Ring Light photography, Mike Luter

Ring Light photography, Mike Luter

Ring Light photography, Mike Luter

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5 thoughts on “Fluorescent Ring Light Shoot

  1. Great video and it’s always useful to see different lighting techniques. Maybe it’s because it’s just different but I get distracted by the catch light in the eyes that comes from ring lights. Is this something that can be avoided?

  2. Thanks for the info on the ring lights but I couldn’t get through the video… you should kill the music after you start…. its not really adding to the video IMHO, nor is it the right type


  3. The catch light is a telltale sign of the ring light. I find that there isn’t any middle ground when it comes to this type of lighting… people either love it or they hate it.