Working with Spiderlites

I got my new TD5 Spiderlites in last week and finally had a chance to play (I mean work) with them.  The first thing I can say is that these things are a lot of fun :). A couple of the things I really liked about the Spiderlites..

• WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get.
• The ability to shot wide open in the studio. With my Photogenics I had to add 2 pieces of ND (Netural Density) film to get to f4 at the lowest possible power setting.
• Continious lighting (no flash)
• Daylight balanced
Caitlyn has a great look, so I decided to shoot her straight on and drop out the background by shooting a f2.8.  I used 4 Spiderlites… One overhead on a boom (butterfly lighting style), and a  reflector underneath to fill in the shadows. Two Spiderlites on each side provided the edge light and hair light… and one for the back ground. What I really love about this that I can’t achieve with traditional studio lighting is the shallow depth of field.
Let me know what you think.

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One thought on “Working with Spiderlites

  1. I aologize this is the image I meant to comment on… But, the other explanation was great too and perfect for photographers, as a lot of them do that and don’t understand feathering. I was blessed and was taught that early. Furthermore, you really understand light and not many photographers seem to anymore… The focus is on business, but the trade part will start to come back around eventually and the ones who don’t understand lighting will fall off the band wagon.