On-Location Lighting

Here are a couple recent images I shot during a video I just did for StudioStyles about On Location lighting.

In the first two it was getting late in the day and we didn’t really have any direction to the light and definitely didn’t have a good quality of light. So I used a Canon 580EXII Speedlite in a Westcott soft box as the main light, the ambient provided the fill and the light for the background.

The soft box was placed approx 45 degree to her left to create the lighting ratio.

In the last three image I used a large silver reflector to kick light back into her eyes. I love working with reflectors outside. In these shots the sun was overhead and behind the building so I was able to bounce the light into the shot and get a nice quality of light. Just watch the light in her eyes… look at the beautiful catch lights it produced. Play hard….

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