Body Evolution – Model Before and After

How much retouching is to much? Here’s what the guys  over at Global Democracy have to say about it. What are your thoughts?

We all now know that seeing thousands of “perfect” body types in the mass media is having negative affects on young girls and more. Airbrushing as a practice should be discouraged when it transforms otherwise permanent features on models. A “mandatory disclaimer” to state that a model has had her physical body manipulated on a computer is a very simple step in the right direction to addressing the harm that we’re causing.





Have we gone to far? What are your thoughts?


Totally Rad Photoshop Plug-In

Do you have any favorite plug-ins? I have several that I use on a regular basis, but recently I stumbled across a plug-in I had never heard of before called Rad Lab by Totally Rad. I’ve never seen them at any trade shows or heard anyone mention them before, but it looked cool so I downloaded the free 30 day trail and started to “play”. Overall I really like the creative looks and the real time preview it generates. Once I’ve had a chance to play with it more maybe I’ll do a more detailed review. What are your favorite plug-ins? Here’s a recent image I created using one of preset. You can find their website here: Totally Rad