One Light Fashion

Hi gang.  This is a shot from a couple weeks ago I made during the shoot we were doing for StudioStyles.  I was shooting outside the beautiful Continental Club in Orange Park Florida.  The shot was part of a training video we were doing  about on-location lighting using Speedlites.   I find myself using this setup more and more lately. While working around  these stairs I was  loving all of the wonderful lines and shapes of these old stairs and decided to compose the image shooting through the stair railing.   This was one of my favorites from this particular session. Let me know what you think.

IMG 5144 8 5x11


The lighting for this particular setup was one Canon 580EXII  Speedlite in  a small soft box placed approximately 45° to the models right.  The ambient light was underexposed by one stop creating the lighting ratio on her face that you see in the above image. Here’s a light diagram that shows the set-up. Let me know if you have any questions…

.One light Diagram2

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4 thoughts on “One Light Fashion

    • I guess her head in the diagram should actually be turned more towards the left. Unfortunately the graphic I created doesn’t have her head on a separate layer… therefore I can’t turn it.